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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Canadian Women's Foundation

Keynote speaker Ashley Judd engaged the audience this morning at the Canadian Women's Foundation Toronto Breakfast with her passionate speech decrying violence against women. An "outspoken critic of the media’s hypersexualized portrayal of women and girls, and global activist on the issue of sex trafficking," Judd spoke from the heart and shared personal stories that empowered and inspired the audience.

Thorek/Scott & Partners are proud corporate sponsors of the Canadian Women's Foundation, and this year Lauren Thorek, Director at Thorek/Scott & Partners, sat on the Breakfast Committee.

The Canadian Women's Foundation specializes in "helping women and girls move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence."

At Thorek/Scott we invest in people, and passionately believe everyone deserves a chance at social and economic success. Attaining gender equality is essential, and appreciate that "women and girls face different kinds of economic and social challenges" and actively engage in events and practices that act to improve the status of women.

This morning's breakfast was an engaging, inspiring, and informative event that we are so proud to have participated in; we encourage you to find out more about the Canadian Women's Foundation at www.canadianwomen.org/

A Most Delicious Evening

The office was buzzing this morning with tales of delicious food, as we reminisced about the previous night's festivities.

Thorek/Scott & Partners attended Eat to the Beat last night, an annual event that supports women with breast and other forms of hereditary cancer. The event is now in its 19th year of featuring the culinary talents of 60 female chefs. We savoured the dishes, spirits, and community.

Thorek/Scott & Partners are proud supporters of Eat to the Beat, and actively encourage friends, family, clients and partners to participate. Not only is the night a spectacular celebration of food and talented female chefs, but brings awareness and support to women battling breast cancer. Through participation, silent actions, and raffles, the evening brings excitement and valuable funds to the Willow Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support foundation.

We eagerly await next year's event, but more eagerly await the end of women's cancer.

Friday, 17 October 2014

TSP in the Community - October 2014

Thorek/Scott and Partners is a proud sponsor of The Hammer Band, a home-grown Canadian music program to foster integration and community. 

The Hammer Band is hosting their annual cocktail reception this Thursday,
event details are below.  
Check out thehammerband.com for more information about this wonderful charity.


The Hammer Band: 

World-renowned Canadian violinist Moshe Hammer founded The Hammer Band in 2007.  His vision:  to prevent violence in all its forms – from school bullying to gangs with guns.  How?  Offer children music education that promotes self-esteem, empathy and tolerance.  Children who learn to play an instrument and perform together learn important life skills such as self-discipline, teamwork and resilience.  Studies show that music education has many benefits:  improved academic performance, lower drop-out rates and stronger communities.

More than 1,500 students have already participated in The Hammer Band.  Today, the program is available in 26 Toronto public schools, and growing!  Teachers, principals and parents see the benefits every day.  Our Hammer Band kids are happier, more engaged with school and with each other, and are proud of their accomplishments.  It is little wonder that families and communities come together to support their children’s music-making, and that we have a school waiting-list.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Another Year, Another Success

Thank you to everyone who made Toronto Homecoming 2014 such a success.
Thorek/Scott & Partners are proud sponsors and look forward to participating every year.
We met fantastic people, heard great stories, and believe Toronto will benefit from the diverse experiences of Toronto Homecoming participants.
We hope everyone who participated enjoyed themselves and made new connections.
Looking forward to next year!    

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Toronto Homecoming 2014

It is an exciting time of the year when The Toronto Homecoming rolls around. Thorek/Scott & Partners are proud to be a City Champion sponsor of the Toronto Homecoming, an annual event in which returning Canadian workers and employers come together. More than just networking, the Toronto Homecoming supports the vibrant and diverse socio-economic community of Toronto by highlighting the unique and valuable skills and experiences expatriate workers bring to the Canadian economy.

This year Faye Thorek, Partner at Thorek/Scott & Partners, will address the audience at the Welcome Reception on Thursday October 9th. Participants can expect insights from over 40 years of executive search experience in Toronto.

For those attending the Toronto Homecoming 2014, we look forward to meeting you on Thursday.

More information can be found at www.torontohomecoming.ca