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Thursday, 18 July 2013

TSP in the Community - PRMIA Partnership

Thorek/Scott and Partners (TSP) has been a Premier Canadian Risk Management Search firm for many years and have been fortunate to help many of Canada’s most successful financial institutions when they have required exceptional risk management talent.

As a result, we are honored to work with PRMIA  (Professional Risk Management International Association), in offering the “Canadian Risk Manager of the Year” award.  The award is to honor and celebrate the Canadian who has spent a career in risk management and has done the most to develop and elevate risk management in Canada.

If you are a PRMIA member we encourage you to vote for the individual who in your opinion has done the most for Risk Management in Canada.  Even if you are not a PRMIA member but you have encountered a senior risk person whose work has left a lasting impression, please honour them by suggesting their candidacy to a PRMIA member; or better still, get a PRMIA membership in order to vote for them directly!

For more information about the “Canadian Risk Manager of the Year” award or to vote, please visit http://www.prmia.org/chapter/montreal/call-nominations.  Nominations will be accepted only until July 31, 2013.

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