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Friday, 14 June 2013

The headhunter's role in the digital age

The Globe and Mail recently posted the following article regarding Headhunters, their value, and their business relationships.

Everyone at TSP thoroughly enjoyed the article and wanted to share it with Thoracle.  Some also had a word or two to say in response...

The headhunter’s role in the digital age http://soa.li/KxaxmOE



  1. Linda Nugent, Managing Director14 June 2013 at 10:20

    I have a comment for this Ms. Bond situation.

    There are many different types of recruiting firms. I know I was approached by them before I became one. Good headhunters or recruiters as I would prefer to be called build their business on trust and building long term relationships. We get to know our candidates and our clients very well to understand fit. We are paid by the client, but we also spend time consulting and given career advise for thousands of people that come through our door. That is our model and how we build long term relationships. It is our job to review and submit the best candidate possible to clients. In this world of volume and numerous top quality candidates the onus is also on the candidate to build trust. A candidate that goes behind a recruiters back and goes direct has broken that trust and the protocols of the search. I would not advise it.

    On the other:

    Really good recruiters have built relationships with candidates over the years often in areas of specialization. We know our clients very well and what is the right fit. We differentiate ourselves because of trust and making sure it is the right fit for both parties. We are not volume driven but quality driven. Linked In is a handy tool but it provides volume. Quality assessment takes time and my role is to present a short list of the best candidates. This is why my clients have been clients for many years, but so are my candidates.

  2. Headhunters are playing an important role in today's digital market. I agree that the biggest job search engine linked-IN is the great approach but simultaneously the filtration of real gems is mandatory. This task is performed by headhunters by investing their time and expertise.


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