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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Welcome to the Office-less Company

With web services offering remote access, and cloud computing becoming a must-have, companies have much less geographic restrictions in terms of who they hire and who they work with.  Many are foregoing having an office workplace, and are functioning solely online.
Having a remote work force lets companies tap into a much wider talent pool and can save money on costs such as real estate.  Employees are attracted to the office-less workplace because of the light supervision atmosphere and flexible work times.  Working across different time zones allow for work to be done asynchronously, meaning people can work their own hours; this also means that the company can potentially offer services 24 hours a day to its clients.
There are also a few downsides to fore-going the office workplace altogether.  There is a danger of losing the personal connection and contact that develops in each and every office as well as the danger of people losing boundaries between work and home life, having one spill into the other.  Candidates are also competing with a much larger pool of people—potentially nationwide or even worldwide—so they have to really know what they are doing, be able to work independently, and be very organized.
Like any office structure, there are benefits and downsides, but be prepared to see more and more companies becoming office-less, especially new start-up companies.

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