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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Expand Your Network - May 2013

Wednesday, May 22-Friday, May 24. This year’s CVCA conference will feature the role our industry plays to stimulate business with the “alternative” energy of venture capital and private equity. For more information visit www.cvca.ca/news/events/CVCAAnnualConference2013

Monday, 22 April 2013

TSP in the Community - Congratulations to Sonya Danzig!

Thoracle would like to congratulate Thorek/Scott and Partner's Sonya Danzig, Managing Director, for being nominated for the 2013 RBC Top 25 Immigrant Award.  The award recognizes and celebrates the stories and achievements of outstanding Canadian immigrants who inspire newcomers and Canadians alike.

If you have a relationship with Sonya (past or present) please feel free to vote for her here:  http://canadianimmigrant.ca/canadas-top-25-immigrants/vote.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Expand Your Network - June 2013


I'm writing to bring your attention to a special offer on FEI Canada (Toronto) membership: The Toronto Chapter is offering 35 memberships at a 20% discount off the Executive member fee. The application period is open and I urge you to apply or forward this offer to a qualified colleague.
In addition to a wide range of member benefits, as a new member you receive a complimentary registration to our Annual Conference which takes place this year in Lake Louise, Alberta from June 5 - 7. You have two years in which to exercise this benefit. Next year's conference will be held in Niagara, Ontario.
If you are ready to join and would like to receive the discount here's the process to follow:
  • Complete the Executive online application located here
  • Choose 'cheque' as your payment option
  • Submit your application
  • Upon approval, Sharon Bradshaw from FEI Canada will contact you by telephone to take your credit card information and apply the discount
Sharon Bradshaw
416.366.3007 ext.5105
1.866.677.3007 ext.5105
Membership and National Events Coordinator


TSP in the Community - April 2013

Faye Thorek, Partner of Thorek/Scott and Partners, lent her time to the CFA Society Toronto as a guest lecturer for "A Career management seminar for Mid-level CFA charterholders".  For details on the event, visit http://www.torontocfa.ca/cfast/Content/Site_Navigation/Events___Courses/Event_Detail.aspx?title=13CMIDLVL

Monday, 15 April 2013

Planning your career with maternity in mind

Last night I was with a group of female friends.  Professionally driven, we are 10 years into our careers and in the stage of life where we are either caring or planning for young infants.  With toddlers at home and/or infants on the way (or on the mind) we were measuring the challenges of career growth, transition and strategy with the requirements of maternity leave and caring for a small infant.

The question for bright, ambitious and talented young parents is how to factor early parenthood and parental leaves into your career?  How do we plan for continued success after a parental leave?  And are we planning enough for these breaks?

Here are some of the ideas we discussed at Thorek/Scott and Partners to help keep you connected with your colleagues, managers, employees and professional relationships--managing and planning for this time will empower your career in the long term.
  1. Ask to be kept informed of ongoing projects and initiatives, product launches and system upgrades.  Being informed will help you prepare for any new skills or knowledge you'll have to acquire to hit the ground running upon your return.
  2. Schedule ongoing meetings with your colleagues and managers by phone or in person to stay cognizant of what is happening at the office.
  3. If you are considering a career change while simultaneously caring for a young infant, keep networking, continue assessing your market value and your transferable skills, monitor opportunities and stay in touch with your network.  Stick with your strategy and try to keep momentum.  Continue to meet with a career coach and recruiters.
  4. Keep your professional network active.  If you are a member of an association, continue to attend meetings, conferences and events.  Stay visible.
  5. If you are willing and able to take on small projects from home, do so.
  6. If there are any accreditations or courses you have wanted to take see if you can find a correspondence option.  Adding new professional skills to new parenting skills will be demanding but rewarding.
If you have had success in keeping professionally active so that the transition back into work was smooth and effective, please share them with us.

Lauren Malach, Associate Director

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Welcome to the Office-less Company

With web services offering remote access, and cloud computing becoming a must-have, companies have much less geographic restrictions in terms of who they hire and who they work with.  Many are foregoing having an office workplace, and are functioning solely online.
Having a remote work force lets companies tap into a much wider talent pool and can save money on costs such as real estate.  Employees are attracted to the office-less workplace because of the light supervision atmosphere and flexible work times.  Working across different time zones allow for work to be done asynchronously, meaning people can work their own hours; this also means that the company can potentially offer services 24 hours a day to its clients.
There are also a few downsides to fore-going the office workplace altogether.  There is a danger of losing the personal connection and contact that develops in each and every office as well as the danger of people losing boundaries between work and home life, having one spill into the other.  Candidates are also competing with a much larger pool of people—potentially nationwide or even worldwide—so they have to really know what they are doing, be able to work independently, and be very organized.
Like any office structure, there are benefits and downsides, but be prepared to see more and more companies becoming office-less, especially new start-up companies.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Expand Your Network - April 2013

Tuesday, April 16.  Faye Thorek, Partner, will be conducting a Career Management Seminar for Mid-Level CFA Charterholders at the CFA Society Toronto.  For more information visit http://www.torontocfa.ca/cfast/Content/Site_Navigation/Events___Courses/Event_Detail.aspx?title=13CMIDLVL

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

TSP in the Community - April 2013

Managing Director, Sonya Danzig will be participating at the Internationally Educated Professionals IEP Conference on April 5, 2013.  Now in its 10th successful year, the IEP Conference is regarded as one of the most innovative and respectful events for Internationally Educated Professional newcomers seeking practical, effective career advice. 

Expand Your Network - April 2013

Friday, April 5 - Now in its 10th successful year, the IEP Conference is regarded as one of the most innovative and respectful events for Internationally Educated Professional newcomers seeking practical, effective career advice.  It is being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  For more information visit http://www.iep.ca/.