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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Expand Your Network - March 2013

Friday, March 22. 7pm-10pm: Timeraiser has been described as the "rock concert of volunteerism" mixed with an incredible silent art auction. This is a chance to meet with local nonprofits and match your skills to their volunteer needs; then you bid volunteer house, not money on artwork that is displayed around the room. For more information visit www.timeraiser.ca/toronto

Friday, 22 February 2013

Expand Your Network - February 2013

Thursday, February 28 - CAAMP's regional symposium and trade show in Toronto.  For more information please visit http://connect.caamp.org/Home/

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Thank You

Every Tuesday afternoon at Thorek/Scott, we have a team meeting to discuss new mandates and other relevant topics that rose the previous week. We sometimes begin this meeting with an exercise – a team building activity of sorts. Recently, my colleague Sonya asked us to think of a person that we wanted to thank for making a positive impact on our lives. The idea behind this exercise is that the expression of gratitude to others indirectly boosts our own self-esteem and confidence. It isn’t a novel formula – contribute to someone else’s happiness and in turn you will feel rewarded.

We each reflected on the people in our lives that have made a difference and as we shared our ‘thank yous,’ it became increasingly apparent that our collective accomplishments were as much a result of our positive connections with others than they were of our own determination. The group acknowledged that we had not only been shaped by our relationships with others, but that those relationships remained intricately tied to our well-being and achievement. The activity was not intended to have anything to do with Executive Search, but the outcome was a lesson directly related to our business. As Search Consultants, we wholly depend on others to facilitate our success. Whether they know it or not, the people we have worked with over the years - those we have coached, advised, or counseled; those we have helped find new positions; and those whose businesses we have partnered with to find great talent - have all impacted our lives substantially.

Now in my seventh year at Thorek/Scott, I often think about the friends I have made since beginning my career in Search. Many of them are people I have never placed or formally assisted on a mandate, but all are relationships that have contributed enormously to my personal development. My sincere hope is that they would feel the same. Like all friendships, these relationships were built on mutual trust and respect. It takes a lot of time to develop a genuine connection, but I know it is always worth the effort. My success is entirely contingent on the people in my life, so, as I look forward to my next chapter, I can’t help but feel thankful to those who helped me get through the last one.
Sonya was right, gratitude is uplifting.

Aaron Collins, Associate Director


Thursday, 14 February 2013

TSP in the Community - March 2013

Faye Thorek, Partner of Thorek/Scott and Partners, will be lending her time from March 4th-15th to help the University of Toronto's Management Co-op conduct 'Employer Mock Interviews'.

For more information about U of T's co-op community please visit http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~askcoop/employers/join_community.htm

Saying Goodbye to Stereotypes

Although it is a taboo topic, there are certain business traits that are associated with either men or women.  Women are often characterized as being “collaborative” or “good at relationships”, which are of course excellent terms to be associated with, but are they terms associated with executive material?
Could these stereotypes be holding women back?  Although they may have in the past, I think it is becoming less true in today’s corporate world.  The definition of leadership itself has changed over the years, with the “command and control” model for executives on its way out.  People now want more of a work/life balance, where a leader who is “good at relationships” is key.  Offices are also much more team based, which studies have found to be much more productive than a hierarchy structure and having someone who is “collaborative” at the helm could make all the difference.
The greater danger is not the stereotypes themselves, but of women feeling that they must take on male attributes in order to get ahead.  In order for stereotypes to be changed, then they must first be recognized and people must acknowledge that they exist. 
Having more women in senior roles will eventually change this public perception, leading to a corporate society where “collaborative: and “good at relationships” are not feminine traits, but simply traits of a good leader.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

TSP in the Community - February 2013

Thorek/Scott and Partners sponsored a 'Breakfast Nutrition Program' in support of an inner-city school.  The Breakfast Nutrition Program ensures that an elementary school in the GTA will have a nutritious breakfast and hot lunch available for each child every day.